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Leave your dog for just a few hours or days at a time where they will sleep in one of Grandma's Guest Rooms!

It has been Grandma's philosophy to limit the number of dogs on a daily basis. This will allow us to give that extra bit of attention that your best friend deserves. Some of our pets don't cope well with the larger and more active dogs and for this reason we have the two different play areas. This will ensure your pets safety and in a friendly atmosphere, to keep them wanting to come back! And after your pet has played and wants a little down time, they can go to Grandmas Living room. There they can sit on the couch or lay on the rug to watch dog cartoons or movies.

Lullaby Room
A Day at the Beach Room
A Day at the Beach
Live to Ride Room
Live to Ride
Pretty in Pink Room
Pretty in Pink
Ride'm Cowboy Room
Ride'm Cowboy

When spending the night at Grandma's house, there are two options. The first is our Lullaby room that features a conventional kenneling system. This room was designed with sleeping in mind. The walls are purple with white stars. Each kennel has a soft fluffy comforter for ultimate comfort after a long day of play. If your dog is used to your bedroom, then second option would be one of Grandma's themed guest rooms. This may be the perfect place for your dog to regenerate for the next day. Each room features an actual miniature bed with mattress. You may choose between, "A Day at the Beach", "Pretty in Pink", "Live to Ride", or our larger suite, "Ride'm Cowboy", which includes not only the bed but a foldout couch to share the room when there is more than one four legged family member. We also have available, special room for cat boarding.

For more information or if you have some questions, please contact us.